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Boat Use Policy

Individual boat ownership is encouraged for all Opti program participants. HPYC owns only five Optis. Families are encouraged to purchase or rent boats for their children to use both in class and in their free time. Many local families have Optis that are not currently in use; they may be willing to rent for modest fees. Optis are also readily available in our area, both used and new. They hold their value pretty well and are fairly easy to sell when children grow out of them.
HPYC has three beetle cats, five Optimists, and six 420s for use in classes at the fees below.



  • A Boat Use Fee will be assessed if privately-owned boats are not complete and fully functional at the start of the session. Please contact an Instructor ahead of time to help you and your sailor get set-up. The owners of privately-owned boats are expected to keep the boat in fully functioning order throughout the sailing season. 

  • Lil' Explorers are not expected to bring their own boats, but sailors in Beginner Optis are expected to have the use of an Opti for class.

  • Intermediate and Advanced Opti sailors need their own boats.

  • Students in different levels may share one Opti.

  • All Performance and Speed sailors shall pay a boat fee unless they own a boat.

  • Adventurers shall be assessed a boat use fee.

A boat use fee will be assessed if boat-sharing arrangements are not complete at the start of the session.

Please note: Payment of a Boat Use Fee does not guarantee the use of a club boat for class.  If there are more "boat use" sailors than club boats, then sailors may not be able to participate in class. This is generally only a problem for the Club Optis, that is why we strongly encourage all Intermediate and Advanced Opti sailors to own their own boats or make sharing arrangements with sailors not in the same class.  

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