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Intermediate Optis




4-8 weeks

About the Class

Boats: Optis, 1 child per boat. Sometimes Sunfish and/or other boats for fun.

Intermediate Opti sailors are expected to sail by themselves in an Opti. In this class sailors will learn how to fine tune the skills that they learned in Beginner Optis and will start learning the basics of racing. By the conclusion of a sailor's time in Intermediate Optis they should feel confident in rigging, sailing upwind and downwind, and capsize recovery. Sailors should have an understanding of how to navigate a triangle and windward leeward race course, general racing rules, and the starting sequence. Children in Intermediate Optis will also start to build sailing stamina with some fun (and slightly longer) destination sails. Children in this class are expected to have their own Optis. We have a limited quantity of club Optis that may be rented for a fee during the registration process, but used Optis are also widely available around the Cape for purchase. It generally takes 2 complete sailing seasons for children to advance beyond this level, but since each sailor is unique, we approach advancement in a case by case basis. Sailors in Intermediate Optis (particularly if they are in year two of Intermediate Optis) are encouraged to join Jr. Commodore Cup races on Wednesday afternoons from 1-3:30.

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