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Lil' Explorers




4-8 weeks

About the Class

Boats: Beetles, Rowing.
*3-5 students in a boat together with an instructor.

Lil' Explorers is our most foundational class for young beginners (ages 6-10). Sailors in this class will start in Beetle Cats with an instructor. The goal of this class is to get children comfortable on the water, teach sailing vocabulary, and instill basic boat handling skills. Students in this class have the opportunity to move into partner sailing in Optis if they are comfortable doing so and have demonstrated an understanding of basic boat handling skills (steering, sail trim, tacking, gybing). Within this class we try to break students up by age group –older sailors in one boat, younger ones in another. It generally takes 1-2 sailing seasons for children to advance beyond this level, but since each sailor is unique, we approach advancement on a case by case basis.

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