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Welcome to the Hyannis Port Yacht Club’s new and improved website. We hope you enjoy the new design and will visit often to find out information on the Club activities, including our sailing class offerings and registration, racing programs and social activities. With the launch of this site all junior sailing registration will take place in one place at and we will discontinue the use of our sister site for junior sailing registration,

New websites just don’t happen and it took the participation of our Board of Trustees, Dock Manager Josh Rand and Program Director Meg Adley to pull this all together. In particular, I would like to recognize our Website team who went above and beyond in their efforts to get this done.

A huge and heartfelt thanks to Will Campo who designed and developed the website. We literally would not have a site without his tireless work over many, many months! Will put in countless hours on this project and we are grateful for his can-do spirit and impressive design skills. 

A special thanks to Clare O’Keeffe, our team leader, who made it a priority to bring our website out of the Stone Age and guided the entire process from beginning to end. Nicola Dempsey and Karen Anderson Smith put in the hours to make sure the junior sailing registration system worked and created the great content you see on these pages.  


Hyannis Port Yacht Club has a strong tradition of volunteer support and I am proud of the determined effort the team put in to create a website for all of our members to enjoy. Thank you Clare, Nicola, Karen and Will. 



Drew Hayden


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