Beginner Optis




4-8 weeks

About the Class

Boats: Optis with another sailor or by themselves. Sometimes in other boats, just for fun.

Scups are beginning Opti sailors and are expected to master Opti rigging, docking, helming, basic right of way rules, terminology, knots and safety concepts. All sailors should have their own Opti. Boats may sometimes be rented from club members or older sailors, but used boats are widely available around the Cape for purchase. Sturgis Boatworks is the premier Optimist dealer in our area.

Your Instructor

Matt Wake - Program Director

Matt Wake - Program Director

We don’t send our kids to sailing class to win trophies. We do it because doing things that are hard are worth doing. We do it because our children should understand the overwhelming power of wind and water and how to harness them. We teach seamanship to impress on them the value of meticulous care, preparation, and technical skill, things that will lead to success in a world of constant and unexpected challenges. And most importantly, sailing is really fun!