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August 27 2022 Sunfish Results

This morning the weak low passing over New England served up a fickle, puffy northerly. Eight of us placed our roulette chips on Hyannis Port Harbor's felt and hoped for the best. Elizabeth Smith, our race committee volunteer and croupier par excellence whistled down the start, and with the usual mayhem, off we went. Thirty-degree shifts and meaningful changes in pressure rewarded keeping an eye a hundred yards to weather, as playing things roughly right meant the difference between hiking hard straight to the mark and muddling sideways on the beats of the modified Olympic course. Interesting tactical situations (ahead but outside a lift - hold on or tack to cover?) presented themselves both up- and downwind, with places held and lost on every leg.

Four races later, August and this year's overall season series are, bittersweetly, in the books. Yours truly took both, and after tying with Karen Anderson for second in July, Tracey Taylor edged Karen for second in August and the season.

Once again, thank you to Tiernan O'Kane and Elizabeth Smith for your stellar RC work this summer. (And best of luck at college, Tiernan!) Also mad props once again to Jack Campo for keeping score.

Next Saturday, the Labor Day weekend piece de resistance: we sail for the Anderson Trophy, on the 100th anniversary of past season champion Bob Anderson's birth. First whistle at ten. if you need a boat. Come join us, or no one will like you.

PSA: HPYC Annual Meeting and awards at 5p next Saturday at the clubhouse!

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