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HPYC Anderson Trophy 2023

Each Labor Day weekend our Sunfish fleet races for the Anderson trophy, named for longtime HPYC member and past Sunfish champion Bob Anderson. Last year, his daughter Karen Anderson Smith claimed the prize.

This year, in an eight-to-ten knot southwesterly breeze that filtered through a course set close to the pier, six boats vied for the honor. Karen won the first race and ultimately tied for second with Eric Bacon, with Jack Campo and Jake Dewey tied for fourth, and Jack’s friend and guest Alex Sellar close behind. But after four races we crowned a new champion, HPYC sailing instructor and Sunfish fleet principal race officer Tiernan O’Kane. Congratulations to Tiernan, who is now at the head of a vanguard of young sailors chasing Sunfish glory at HPYC.

However, be warned: age and treachery can defeat youth and enthusiasm, and the OG’s are not done yet… there are two local regattas in September, in Sharon and Orleans, followed by the North American Masters Championship at Niantic Bay YC in Connecticut in mid-October, and the World Championship in December at the Coconut Grove SC. From there, it’s frostbiting in Rhode Island through the winter to train for next summer’s program in HP. Rust never sleeps, so neither do we.

Scores and pictures below. For the season:

Independence Day Regatta (July 1): 1st, Cesar Brea; 2nd, Karen Anderson Smith; 3rd, Eric Bacon

First Series (July 8, 15, Aug 5): 1st, Cesar Brea; 2nd, Karen Anderson Smith; 3rd, Eric Bacon

Second Series (August 12, 19, 26): 1st, Cesar Brea; 2nd, Jack Campo; 3rd, Karen Anderson Smith

Abercrombie & Fitch Trophy (overall season): 1st, Cesar Brea; 2nd, Karen Anderson Smith; 3rd (tie), Jack Campo and Eric Bacon

Anderson Trophy (Labor Day Regatta): 1st, Tiernan O'Kane; 2nd (tie) Eric Bacon and Karen Anderson Smith

(Credit: Rosemary and Bob Sheehan)

(Credit: Jim Freeheart)

Eric Bacon moving fast to windward

Karen Anderson Smith leading the fleet downwind

Jack Campo's friend Alex Sellar closing fast from the left side

Karen takes the first race

Jake Dewey and Jack Campo playing the geographic wind shift off the right side

Tiernan O'Kane leading a tight pack around the leeward mark

Our race committee: Elizabeth Smith and her college roommate Piper

Our eventual champ Tiernan O'Kane showing good form downwind

Tiernan can't believe his perfect start

Karen rounds the weather mark

Eric Bacon showing how it's done

Jack and Karen eyeing each other before the start

Once again: this could be you! Please join us next summer! Saturdays at 10, starting the Independence Day weekend!

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