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HPYC 2022 Independence Day Sunfish Regatta

I said yesterday to Eric Bacon that uncovering your Sunfish to start the season here feels almost like a pagan ritual, practiced from time immemorial, pre-dating Greece and Rome, the domestication of cows and pigs, maybe even the cave paintings at Lascaux.

Eric, eyes narrowing: "Who you callin' old?"

Good talk.

But even tradition sometimes needs a tweak, and so we created a special one-day Independence Day regatta. After abandoning Saturday's races to high winds and thunder, we took another run at it Sunday morning. Despite the change in schedule, we mustered a six-boat fleet to the line. Winds were lighter, five knots, plus a bit when a passing cloud offered some pressure. Racing was tight on a course that generally held fair. We had the usual exciting roundings, tactically interesting finishes and even a tacking duel. Custom mug prizes from Earth n' Fire Pottery in Harwich (dishwasher safe!) went to yours truly, Jack Campo, and Karen Anderson Smith.

A HUGE thank you goes to Karen's daughter Elizabeth Smith, who jumped in as RC with no prior experience and pulled it off flawlessly!

So, 2022 is off to a great start! After this weekend's special regatta, the next two weekends will make up our July series. Then we'll be on hiatus for the following two weekends for the Wequaquet Lake YC Sunfish regional, and then the Hyannis YC Regatta. Our chariots will be back on the water for the August series starting on the 6th.

Please pass the word:

See you next weekend!

Cesar Brea

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