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July 9 HPYC Sunfish Racing Results

Following last week's inaugural Independence Day regatta, yesterday we kicked off our two-weekend July series. Set before us was a shifty, puffy, 10-15 knot northerly that made for interesting racing. Four of our regulars were joined by Kaila Pfrang, an accomplished college sailor at MIT.

The day's racing provided a classroom. To Jens or not to Jens? Gooseneck position? Do you play shifts or the fleet? Is a shift one of direction, or velocity? If you're behind but lifted inside, how long do you stick before splitting tacks? Downwind, do you stay outside to catch the puffs or protect inside?

Should you try a port tack start? (Uh... no.)

The day's results reflected the varying conditions and choices. The three races, each ~25 minutes windward-leeward-twice-around, were tight. Positions shifted as often as the wind, and Karen, Tracey, and Kaila each won.

Thank you to Tiernan O'Kane, who resumed his RC duties and did a sterling job with the course!

Thank you Jack for the scoring! While it reports overall results to date, please note that after last week we cleared the slate for July, so this month's series will comprise this weekend and next only, with one throw-out if we get five or six races in overall.

Once again, please pass the word: .

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