• Cesar Brea

Sunfish Racing Update July 10

Once Elsa let us go, Saturday brought lighter, shifty northerlies. Six boats waged three tight contests, with places unsettled until the last half each last beat. It paid to go left, until it paid to go right, proving once again that no one knows anything. Results here.

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Sunfish Racing Update July 17

The pea-soup fog burned off only 30 minutes after our normal start time, ushering in a very light, deceptively shifty southwesterly. Five boats sweated out three races. KSN came to play with a 3-1-1,

Sunfish Racing Update: July 3, 2021

First: many thanks to Jack Campo, whose wonderfully pithy recaps of each week’s racing in summers past have been models of writing gracefully and economically. He’s left big shoes to fill. This past w