Sunfish Racing Update July 17

The pea-soup fog burned off only 30 minutes after our normal start time, ushering in a very light, deceptively shifty southwesterly. Five boats sweated out three races. KSN came to play with a 3-1-1, while mild mayhem and confusion reigned among the heat-stroked rest of us (two fouls, a missed mark, one over early, and a wonderfully cooling death roll). Thank goodness for throw-outs.

Results ici.

Next week (7/24-25): Sunfish Regional #2 at WLYC

Week after (7/31-8/1): Hyannis Regatta

Last week of HPYC Sunfish July series will be August 7. August series will be 8/14,21,28, and 9/4. We'll cap off with the traditional Labor Day races for the Anderson trophy on Monday 9/6.

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This weekend we raced for the Robert Anderson Trophy, named for the 1980 season champion, who loved being on the water and still cheered racers from the pier in his nineties. Clearly Bob's spirit was