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Sunfish Racing Update, Labor Day 2021

This weekend we raced for the Robert Anderson Trophy, named for the 1980 season champion, who loved being on the water and still cheered racers from the pier in his nineties. Clearly Bob's spirit was with us, as we had fine weather and great racing. Saturday gave us beautiful blue skies and puffy northwesterlies. On Sunday, an approaching low brought us one of those fifteen-knot-southwesterly, silvery-sunny days when you hike hard to climb the beats and then surf the waves as your reward. Sunfish Nirvana. Or, in the case of this year's winner EB, Valhalla, when his mast snapped in two on the next-to-last leg of the last race. When the remaining stub is itself recycled as a trophy, songs of his legend will be sung down the generations. Results: Anderson Trophy, July, and August & the season.

A huge thank you to our race committee, to our fleet secretary for keeping all the scores straight, and to all of the sailing program staff who looked after our fleet during this summer's storms. Only 299 days until we kick off the 2022 season!

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Sep 06, 2021

Many thanks, Cesar!

You are doing a fine job as Sunfish Fleet Captain and have been re-appointed by popular acclaim.

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