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2023 Sunfish First Series (July)

Hard to believe we're well into August! Or, as HPYC Sunfish sailors think of it, Long July. Following our Independence Day regatta, we raced two weekends, then took two off for the Wequaquet Lake Yacht Club Sunfish regional regatta (40 boats from all over the East Coast!) and the Hyannis Regatta's Sunfish division. Yesterday we resumed our club races, and concluded our First (July) Series. We had mostly light southerlies across all three HPYC weekends, and saw upwards of ten distinct sailors join our Flying Circus. Your humble author won the series, followed by Karen Anderson Smith and Eric Bacon. Huge thanks to Jack Campo for keeping score despite grievous injury that forced him off the water and onto the tennis court yesterday, and to Elizabeth Smith for volunteering for race committee.

Starting next Saturday morning, the slate is wiped clean for our Second (August) Series! First gun at 10am. Sign up here: . If you're new, don't worry, friendly folks will show you the ropes!

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