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August 6 2022 Sunfish Results

Our August series got off to a hot start last Saturday, and not just on the thermometer. Three of us made it to the course, and Tracey Taylor posted three straight bullets in the building southwesterly, before yours truly could edge her in the fourth race. With few boats and a short course, the racing mostly rewarded playing the fleet: starting well, controlling the right side upwind, jibing inside for position downwind, covering from ahead and behind. Tracey gave a master class on starting tactics for a short line, getting to the best position just to leeward of the boat, and fore-reaching to hold her position like a space shuttle pilot docking in orbit. Go above her and she'd start ahead, go below her and you'd risk hitting the pin end. Truly, she was a boss.

This weekend's update coming shortly. And, hoping for a big turnout next weekend, folks! if you need a boat.

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